SOLACE Screening at Luna Cinemas

Category: Filmmaking, Launch

“Before I left Western Australia, I wrote, directed, and photographed a short film in lockdown. I was staying with my mama, waiting for my green card to come through, and disappointed that my plans to make a short film at Fremantle jail were thwarted by the arrival of Covid to our shores. My mother, a former theatre actress, said, “Well, you have a camera. Let’s make a movie.” Huh. Just like that?

I had a little camera, a couple of beautiful portrait lenses, a couple of lights, very basic sound equipment – but I had an idea! And, I had permission to use some footage of me that had been filmed for a festival. And so, a story formed and SOLACE was born.

When I immigrated to LA, everything became about survival, so post-production was a very slow process. I edited the film when I had spare moments. I worked with New York composer and Broadway musician, Dana Lyn. I contributed vocals to the score and had the music mixed by fabulous Perth composer, Ash Gibson Greig. I was lucky to have a full sound build created and mixed, in Dolby 5.1 surround sound, by the awesome Ric Curtin.

Post-production was completed in LA a month ago. And if you’re in Perth, you can see it on the big screen at LUNA CINEMAS on 14th September.

This event is a premiere of Michael Guerrini’s short film, Full Circle. Michael decided to curate a selection of shorts and put them together like a mini private film festival, to support local filmmakers. And SOLACE was chosen for inclusion. 

I would so love for you to get along and see it. Grab a ticket HERE, watch the trailer below, head down to the Luna on 14th September and say hi to my mum for me!”

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