ARTICLE: Class and Brass: The Jazz’s World’s Journey to the West of Ireland

Hey there folks.

I’m pleased to formally announce that I have stepped into the role of International Correspondent for Around The Sound magazine. My first feature article is an interview with Irish bassist, composer, producer and director of the Sligo Jazz Festival, Eddie Lee.

“I first met Lee in a crooked little pub on the windy northwest coast of Sligo, thumping out delicious double bass notes with regular bandmates, No Crows. It was 2009. Intoxicated by their blend of folk and world music that flavours gypsy rhythms with spices of jazz, I started joining their jam sessions and sang on their 2010 album No Crows on the Moon. But it wasn’t until 2013, after attending his summer school and festival as a student, that I fully appreciated Lee’s excellence as a jazz musician and his dedication to championing the cause in Ireland…It was my pleasure to catch up with Lee and chat about the development of the Sligo Jazz Project and the driving forces behind his inspiration.”

Read the interview here.

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