Interview: IMA Wins, Music Gateway UK

“On Tuesday 2nd June, I joined the music industry’s #TheShowMustBePaused initiative to make a formal statement of my commitment to continue to take a stand against racism, bigotry and violence, within my personal and professional practice. Prejudice and inequality in all forms do not only let down those of us whom they target, they let down our entire society, and therefore my commitment to uphold my personal values of respect and equality is my commitment to all of you.

This week I faced a difficult decision when approached by London music licensing company, Music Gateway UK, for an interview surrounding my recent wins at The Independent Music Awards in New York. I’m very much aware of not wanting to detract from important conversations that deserve focus and air time. After seeking advice from within the industry I decided to go ahead, as interviews are another platform in which we have an opportunity to express solidarity and support.”

Read the full interview here.