A Fabulous Fringe

“I had an absolute blast performing as a special guest with The Milford Street Shakers as part of Tell Mama: The Music of Etta James, down at the beautiful Scarborough Beach big top!

With the last few weeks of my life being all about hairspray, false eyelashes and glitter, I became selfie obsessed. I make no apologies.

I had a moment driving to the show – dolled up in my sixties gear, blasting out show tunes on my stereo, singing along, practising my lines, people in their cars staring at me at the traffic lights – where I thought yep, this is my life. I’m so grateful to be a performer, to be part of a family that extends all around the world. It’s like a secret club, if that club was actually very public and people paid to come and watch you do things and clap.

I had another moment when the whole band somehow ended up holding a snake. You’ll see me in the back, holding steadfast to my enthusiasm for life!

A few pics from the show below and if you’d like to see a snapshot of the show, from rehearsal to sound check, backstage to on stage, watch a short behind the scenes video here. “