The Inimitable Beauty is Launched

Category: Launch, Photography


Happy 2016 everybody and welcome to the New Year’s Day Launch of Aminah’s new photography project, The Inimitable Beauty. This project celebrates the individual beauty inherent in every person and features people Aminah has met on her travels around the world since 2004.

Launching this project is the inimitable Jessie Smith on the west coast of Ireland. To see more of Jessie’s gorgeous photos from her shoot and read her statement, visit the page here. Remember to give it a like while you’re there and choose to receive notifications so you don’t miss upcoming sessions!

“I am excited to share with you some of my photographs and conversations with some of the inspiring, interesting, funny and heartwarming people I have had the pleasure of crossing paths with as I journeyed.

Blessings for a year of beauty, love and peace.”

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