Yes Equality Sligo – Official Photographer

Aminah is thrilled to be the Official Photographer for Yes Equality Sligo and their campaign to see gay marriage legalised in Ireland. She spent this afternoon at the Sligo County Council offices photographing a group of politicians who support the campaign.

A personal message from Aminah:

“On May 22nd Ireland will vote on the issue of Marriage Equality and whether or not they will change their constitution to allow gay marriage. Here’s the thing that perplexes me: I don’t understand how this is still an issue. The human race is in danger of extinction if we don’t rapidly act on the real issues we’re facing. How people can be worried about consenting adults who love each other wanting to get married is beyond me. But well done Ireland for having the referendum to change your constitution on this issue. As with the issue of climate change, the Australian government is way behind on this one. Vote YES and let’s get on with tackling the issues we really need to be concerned about!”