Review – Motown Night

Well last night was awesome! Motown is awesome. The Velvet Room Niteclub’s plush surrounds make an awesome venue. The musicians were awesome. The songs were awesome. The talent was…yep, awesome! Fantastic night all round and great craic in Furey’s afterwards with a pile of the musicians jumping up to sing more songs. Thanks so much Kieran Quinn for a wonderful event. Thanks Eoin Troy and Seamie McGowan for the after party. And thanks to Kate Winter for another great review (yow)!

“Another diva, another song. But this one was very special… It’s no secret that I’m a massive Aminah Hughes fan, and so I was looking forward to her performance all night. She did not disappoint. There’s something about this woman’s commitment to music; she puts her heart and soul into everything she does, and she always makes it her own. She confided that she’s been hustling for a Motown night for quite some time now, so she could perform ‘All I Could Do Was Cry’, and she absolutely nailed it. Spectacular.”

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