Old Photographs Resurface

Many moons ago, when Aminah was 22 and in film school, a photography student from Canada asked if she could shoot some portraits of Aminah for her class. After she had her prints, she lent Aminah the negatives so she could get her own but sadly Aminah lost the negatives before she could ever get them developed and she never got to see how the photos turned out. This was in the days before social media made it easy for everyone to stay in touch. Aminah searched high and low for those negatives to no avail and as the years flowed by she forgot about them. A few weeks ago when she was going once again through her big box of negatives with a mind to throw many of them away, suddenly there they were – these portraits of her younger self. The photographer had wanted to capture a young Australian singer/songwriter so Aminah posed with her guitar in every shot. Here are a few of the photographs. The photographer’s first name was June. Aminah still has the guitar. It was her first and it’s blue.

2014 feb 27a 2014 feb 27b 2014 feb 27c