Review: Songs from Blue Wooden Boat

A huge thank you to Irish journalist and author Kate Winter for today’s review of ‘Songs from Blue Wooden Boat’ at The Model Sligo on Ireland’s west coast.

**UPDATE Kate’s review site has been taken down and a new one started. The full text of this review has been reproduced below, with permission from the author.

2014 dec 3

Songs From Blue Wooden Boat – Aminah Hughes & Friends, The Model, Sat 6th December

Review by Kate Winter

Posted on December 9, 2014

“I can’t say I went into this gig in the best frame of mind. I was tired and emotional to say the least. And the full moon was certainly not helping matters. But having performed on the same stage as the powerful, impressive lady that is Aminah Hughes the prior weekend for the now annual Divas For DVAS fundraising event, and having actually plucked up the courage to speak to her and discover that she’s a warm and funny kind of terrifying rather than the flat out version, I was very keen to see her in action.

I’m so glad I did.

The moment Aminah, Anna Houston, Seamie O’Dowd, Ray Coen and Darragh Houston stepped onto the fairylit stage, a sort of magic fell over the intimately gathered crowd. It didn’t dwindle or falter for a moment, as Aminah and friends performed specially chosen songs from her forthcoming album BLUE WOODEN BOAT for several timeless hours.

There was no distance at all between musicians and audience, with Aminah’s warm charisma drawing us all into a fantastical storyland of songs and poetry. This lady can SING. But she also tells wonderfully vivid tales with every lyric, every word. Tales of love and rebellion, campfires and warriors, the earth and the moon, injustice and freedom.

I was transfixed, and the energy in the room was truly uplifting. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a gig before which rejuvenated my spirits quite so much (particularly without the helpful imbibing of actual spirits). I felt a lot as Aminah (and Seamie, Anna and Ray) sang together with perfect connection. I felt hope. I felt immense pleasure and warmth in the core of me. And I felt an air of romance and possibility that hasn’t been awoken in me in a long time.

Don’t miss this woman’s next gig. And if you want to feel all manner of nice things, do pre-order her album, because by doing so you will be helping her independently fund its production. And I’m in a hurry to own it, so do that soon please, thank you.”

Kate Winter is a journalist and author based in Sligo, Ireland. You can follow Kate on Twitter and connect with her on LinkedIn.