Up for Some Christmas Movie Trivia?

Happy Christmas Eve, folks!

Feel confident that you know your Christmas movie trivia? Watch Aminah and a group of screenwriters shamble their way through a Christmas movie quiz and see who gets crowned the King of Christmas (the election was rigged)!

With former Director of Script Competitions at Austin Film Festival, Steven DeBose, plus screenwriters Nathan Spiteri, Peter R. Feuchtwanger, Rich Orstad, Jennifer Dunn, Danielle Nicki, Sam Tahhan, Collin Lieberg, Jimmy Clabots, Chip Riggs, Janese Taylor, Tim Westland, Karen Franz, and producer Travis Currie.


WATCH the full episode here.

In this video interview series, musician, screenwriter, director and photographer, Aminah Hughes, talks to people in the music, film and other creative industries about the essence of their craft and what drives them to do what they do.

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