Filmmakers Speak – Reactions to I Was Only 19

The key filmmakers working on The Herd’s music video for “ I Was Only 19” have provided statements on what inspired them to become involved. Aminah’s statement, “Feeling the Impact” is below. To hear what the other filmmakers had to say about the project and to listen to the podcast of the special that aired on Triple J’s Hack programme on 17th March, visit

“The first version of the song that I heard was The Herd’s live performance at Homebake, featuring a guest appearance by John Schuman. I was so overcome with emotion; I pulled my car over to the side of the road and started crying. I had never given much thought to the Vietnam War nor to the effects it has had on those who participated, willingly or otherwise, yet I was deeply affected by that song.

“I felt the impact again when I read Brendan’s treatment for the music video. It was obvious that he had spoken to veterans about their experiences, as the narrative demonstrated a clear understanding of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Seeing shadows in peripheral vision, experiencing feelings of being followed and being confronted by emotional triggers are symptoms that many victims of crime can relate to. Those details are what make this story believable. They are the parts that give you goose bumps.

“I never felt as though we were making just a music video; we were making something bigger – a huge painted banner that reads, Don’t send our children to war! Don’t create more veterans!”

– Aminah Hughes, 1st Assistant Director