Aminah founded SongCraft in 2006, after she discovered that so many of today’s songwriting workshops focus on surviving in the industry as an independent artist, rather than stripping it back to the base craft of how to write a powerful and memorable song.

Aminah has facilitated several SongCraft workshops and circles around Australia and in England and has received recognition for her writing in international competitions. She has run songwriting sessions at festivals, writers centres, high schools, after school programmes, church groups, prisons and private spaces.

Workshops can run from 1 to 4 hours, to full day programmes. Songwriting circles run for up to 7 sessions over the course of days or weeks and can be catered to suit a festival or group situation.

SongCraft covers the juiciest aspects of writing, from autobiographical to political, poetry to balladry, utilising the art of storytelling in a contemporary structure. Teaching is lyrics based, so while instruments are welcome, they are not a requirement. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to write! Beginners, poets and songwriters welcome.

To book Aminah for a songwriting workshop or circle, please visit the contact page.