Infectious Magazine, Boston

“I ¬†was recently invited to write a short piece for Infectious Magazine,¬†a music industry magazine based in Boston. There is quite a big focus on mental health and musicians at the moment and I was asked to write as a guest¬†for the Mental Health Matters section.

The brief asked me consider why musicians persist in an industry that is so punishing and how I personally¬†survive the ups and downs. For me, it has been¬†about becoming¬†fearless –¬†another instrument that requires a lot of practice!

My piece¬†seems to have resonated with a few people since it was published on Wednesday morning, which is brilliant. I’ll be talking more about it in my upcoming songwriting workshop¬†on June 24. Amid¬†the juicy writerly info, I’ll be¬†introducing participants to the method¬†I use to turn emotions into art and discussing how I use¬†songwriting¬†for my own personal healing.

With the discussions taking place at the moment it’s so important that we¬†remember to¬†stay connected to each other, reach out and support each other as a community. There is really no need for competition between musicians. We work best as a community, rising together.

I hope you enjoy my piece.”