When Aminah Hughes steps on stage she does more than fill the room with her honeyed voice. She draws her audience into nostalgia, calling us to remember the beauty and rebelliousness of an analogue world. “Inspiring” and “strong” are words that are often passed around at her performances as she embodies the empowerment we are all aching to feel.  “An intelligent and vocal woman of extraordinary musical talent – a powerful musical force” (Robert James, GANGgajang/Yothu Yindi), Aminah is unafraid to touch the rawness, giving voice to pain, laying it bare, and finding the light in its grace. As Irish journalist Kate Winter describes it:

“There was no distance at all between musicians and audience, with Aminah’s warm charisma drawing us all into a fantastical storyland of songs and poetry. This lady can SING. But she also tells wonderfully vivid tales with every lyric, every word. Tales of love and rebellion, campfires and warriors, the earth and the moon, injustice and freedom…I was transfixed, and the energy in the room was truly uplifting. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a gig before which rejuvenated my spirits quite so much. I felt hope. I felt immense pleasure and warmth in the core of me. And I felt an air of romance and possibility that hasn’t been awoken in me in a long time.”

Though she has now been proclaimed “a strong, soulful singer” (allaboutjazz.com) and “celestial” (Shane Howard), when Aminah first picked up a guitar and stumbled onto the stage…. more



“A gorgeous emotional journey…Hughes demonstrates powerful vulnerability…enhanced by stunning, soulful vocals…not only does Blue Wooden Boat have something for everyone but it will open and heal those parts of your heart that need it most.”

– Musical Notes Global (New York)


“Trying to pin down what this singer can do with her voice is hard because she can do some amazing things – she can belt out a roof-raising blues tune just as readily as she can deliver a folk tune sweet enough to make you cry”

– Nadia Mitsopoulos, ABC Radio Perth


“A hint of Eva Cassidy’s vocal versatility and interpretive powers”

– The Weekend Australian


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“There’s something about this woman’s commitment to music; she puts her heart and soul into everything she does, and she always makes it her own…she absolutely nailed it. Spectacular. “

– Kate Winter (Irish Journalist & Reviewer)